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The Clixon Group is pleased to present the latest in easy-to-use, powerful and intuitive purchasing and inventory management software. Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement and we look forward to providing ongoing enhancements over time. We welcome your comments and suggestions as to what you would like to see in the software down the road!

We invite you to join the ever growing community of Clixon Users that are taking advantage of increased purchasing efficiency and accuracy while reducing time demands on yourself and your staff.



What To Expect

 After clicking on the `Click to Subscribe` button above we will first ask you whether you are setting up an account for a `Stand Alone` Practice or Lab or an account for an organization that owns or represents multiple practices, labs or companies.

New Account Choice

Organizations cannot purchase items per se, but are able to remotely setup, configure and manage individual practices and labs. If you are starting out as an individual practice or lab but feel that you may add practices or labs within your organization at a later date, we recommend that you start off as an organization and add your practice or lab as a single practice or lab within this organization from the outset.

Once your choice is made, we will need to gather a little information from you about your company and your personal details in order to set up your account and add you as the first user. You will be automatically assigned `Administrator Rights` and will be able to full configure your company profile and add more users.

Company Details

Personal Details

We will then ask you to provide us with your Electronic Signature by typing in your name and confirming acceptance of the Clixon Terms of Service.

Terms of Service


Upon confirmation, we will send you an email with your login information and you are ready to get started!

Once you have logged in to your new user account, depending on your account type, you will be shown a new practice setup wizard or new organization setup wizard. These wizards will walk you through the process of adding vendors, manufacturers, inventory items etc... Don't worry, we have made every effort to make this an easy process, we even provide over 100,000 industry specific inventory items that are already setup that you can easily add to your account.


You are now ready to start enjoying all of the benefits that the Clixon Application has to offer. Please remember that there is a wide variety of help available to you including `in-application` hints and more info links, a main help file that is continuously being added to, and a dynamic support community forum where we have several application experts available to respond to your questions and comments and other application users  that are willing to share their knowledge and experience.