Powerful features add up to
simplified purchasing

Scheduled Order Quantity:

We’ve designed this platform to remove the speculation and uncertainty so often associated with purchasing. We evaluate previous ordering patterns, order cycle days, and other established variables to offer calculated suggested order quantities for each item.

Prior to creating purchase orders, users have the ability to:

  • review buyer notes and flagged items that are outside their normal patterns
  • adjust order quantities
  • evaluate budgeted expenses prior to creating purchase orders.

Buyers need reliable information to make educated decisions at the most critical stage of the purchasing process.


Purchasing made easy

A task-driven approach guides you through the various stages of the purchasing process. For example, once an order has been created,
clixon™ guides you through the required steps of submitting your order to your vendor; receiving items from the order; creating back orders for items that have not been received; to finally approving the order for payment.


Better budgeting

During the set-up process, easily create parameters that will influence your budgetary decisions during the ordering process. For example, there are two ways you can set up your budget:

[Projected revenue] x [desired percentage] =
[revenue available for consumable expenses]

Or the reverse:

[existing consumable expenses] / [desired percentage] = [revenue required to support existing expenses]

Staff will be equipped to make the best purchasing decisions.


Location is everything

On an organizational level, you are able to manage inventory and users by location. By establishing sub-companies and customizing each location, you can assign specific items to each company and establish budgeting guidelines. From this point, you can monitor and authorize purchases, and work with purchase orders on all required levels. Report on individual companies or across all companies within your organization.





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